Free You Up, Inc. has been in business for over 9 years. Sara Williams Murray has completed her education for her Webmaster Certification at Inverhills College in Minnesota. She loves her job, and wants to make your site a successful part of your business.

Sara Murray

I started my freelance business 9 years ago doing online/virtual bookkeeping. As I got more involved with my clients they asked if I would be interested in other tasks, some of which involved web design. I discovered a passion for HTML and also for all things internet/website related.

Two years after starting my business I got my Webmaster Certification and moved away from the bookkeeping and virtual assistance tasks.

My favorite clients are online entrepreneurs. I love getting all the programs working together, tracking a nice flow for the customer from information to products to purchases. I enjoy the aesthetics of design as well as the technical structure of databases and API that run a fully functional eCommerce site.

I am now helping CEOs and CMOs with digital marketing. I specialize in re-visioning your dream for your business, and using that new business plan to aim your internet marketing strategies so they will be more successful than you could ever dream!

A sample of what I do for the providers at a wellness clinic in Edina MN where I am their resident web site designer and internet marketing specialist:

There is nothing better than taking someone’s dream and making it a reality. So many creative people have no idea how to make a successful website work for them. I truly enjoy hearing the success stories when it all finally starts clicking under my careful and diligent hand.

I love my clients and they know it. I am available for them, and complete their work on time. Communication is clear and to the point. Work is professional and to your specifications. Contact me today to get started on your site! Click Here