Google AdWords – How I Use It

You might think that Google AdWords is just paid traffic for your site. Pay per click ads that drive people from those little square ads to your sales pages – and then you’ll magically start selling stuff right?? Nope.

AdWords is over used an abused. So what is it good for??

I use it for my list – building an email list is priority #1 when running an online business. Without a list of people that like and want more information from YOU selling online will be a nightmare.

When people want information from you the average % of sales from an exposure to an email or sales page is great if you get 20%. Consider your email or sales page a success if 20% of people on your targeted and amazing list purchase it.

That % goes down drastically when you are dealing with the general population. I would consider a sales page a success if the conversion rate was even 1% using Google Adwords.

So I also use it for beta testing. I only want to promote a product to my loyal and awesome list ONCE. I don’t want them exposed to a sales page that is not tested and already converting. Once I get a conversion on Google Adwords I normally turn off that ad because it is too expensive for what you get, and then I send an email to my list promoting that product.

It works like a charm!

So, adwords is still good, but only for building a list by offering something for free, and for beta testing a new sales page until it converts prior to sending to your list.

Have fun!


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