Not Your Grandma’s Business Plan

re-write your business planRe-writing your business plan with a unique perspective can get you back to your passion and your original purpose for starting your business. If you’ve gotten off track, or your marketing efforts seem stale this will get you back on track!

This is not a financial business plan I’m talking about. This is not something you’re going to give to a venture capitalist or a bank. This is your true business plan.

Here’s how you write it; answer these questions:

  • Why did you start your business? What was your dream? Think back to just before you started your business. Why did you think this was a good idea? How were you going to help people? What problem did you have an amazing idea to solve? What were you going to bring to the market place that people were going to fall all over themselves to get to?

When you write about that for a bit your mind set will already begin to shift to a better place to do business, and ultimately marketing from. Next think about the people you were going to “save,” or solve the problem for.

  • Who are the people who will see your product or service as a saving grace? Who will see your product and say, “Oh my GOD! That’s it! I have to have it. This will solve everything!” Really imagine who this is. Is it women or men? Old or young? Family or career oriented? B to B or B to C? This might take a while, but I want you to really hone in on the perfect customer or client. Be honest and specific.

Now lets move this into the market place.

  • Where are these people gathering online (I am a digital marketer after all!) already? What are these types of people interested in? People who have this problem are talking to other people and trying to solve it themselves. Where are they doing this? Are they ready to purchase or are they looking for information? What information do they need in order to get closer to being ready to purchase? Do they need to fail at something before they will need you? When they are trying to do it themselves where will they get their information? Where will they get support from others with this same problem?

With these three ideas thoroughly thought out you will feel excited about your business again because you will now see the market place in a new way. As a place you can get in to and present your product or service to the people who need it most. You’re going to save the day, and now you know how and where to do it!

If you’d like some help with this I would love to go through it with you along with a free mini assessment of your current internet marketing efforts. I promise it will be fun! 🙂



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