I have used Sara Murray’s services for the past 5 years for my online home business and find that she has a wealth of knowledge and skills to be able to complete a wide variety of tasks and tech support that I could not do on my own. She is always professional and courteous and sets realistic expectations and deadlines for projects and I will continue to use her services and would recommend her to anyone.

-Veronica Grace,

I have been working with Sara Murray for over 8 years, and she’s become my best virtual assistant ever — in 20 years of business as an author who does his own Internet marketing. I think that says a lot, as I have worked with many people. Sara is not only qualified to handle anything related to running an online business, but she’s also extremely reliable and self-sufficient, qualities that are rare nowadays. She knows all about shopping carts, order processing, web mastering, technical problems, and literally anything you can think of when it comes to this increasingly complex field. Working with Sara in any capacity is a rare opportunity!

– Frederic Patenaude

Sara has been incredible. She has been there when I have needed her with making changes on my site and going through difficult times of interfacing with other companies. She has always been dependable and efficient in her work, accomplishing everything on time. I would recommend your services to anyone in need of assistance.

– Randy Wohlers BC-HIS
Owner Family Hearing Aid Centers

Sara is a great resource for all web based projects. She is prompt and insightful, able to give solutions to all web base problems and issues quickly and within budget. She is also on top of all the latest trends, problems and news in and about the web. I give her a five star rating!

– Steve Underwood
Owner operator
Underwood Graphics

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Other Services I Offer:

Why Me:

  • I always use analytics to measure your success with me.
  • I am affordable without sacrificing quality, within the United States.
  • I can bill you per hour or per project, the choice is yours.
  • One-On-One service.
  • I am fast at what I do!
  • I am easy to get a hold of and never go on vacation. 🙂
  • I keep up to date on my craft through continuing education.

Make your business WILDLY successful through EXPERT internet marketing with Sara Murray!

1. Assess and Report

2. Strategic Planning

3. Implementation

4. Follow Up

Are you feeling a bit lost when it comes to internet marketing? Is your website just sitting there? Are you starting to feel like having a website, or your current marketing efforts are a waste of time and money?

I’m here to tell you, it’s going to be alright!

New clients generally call me up when everything is going wrong, or not going at all. They feel overwhelmed by everything having to do with internet marketing. Most of the time they had some understanding of a few parts of it, but quickly learned that they would need much more to make their site successful.

They say things like, “We are on FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn but nothing is happening!” “We have a Google AdWords account, but our ads aren’t getting clicks, or aren’t causing conversions.” “Our ROI on our internet marketing is in the negative!”

Your current website and online marketing efforts are not a waste of time or money. They are just a starting point. Now you are ready to make your site work for you.

The Benefits:

Working with me you will:

  • Easily streamline and beef up your current marketing efforts.
  • Identify gaps in your strategy and fill them.
  • Drive traffic to your site and start reaping the rewards in less than 60 days!
  • Receive detailed analytics to compare all our efforts to see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Have someone not just to “do your website” but a real partner that wants to see you succeed!

marketing results

Through this process you can expect to see:

  • Increased site traffic

  • Increased followers on social media

  • Increased conversions / sales on your website / email list subscribers

  • Increased search engine page rank

The Proof:

Take a look at a couple of sales reports from current and previous clients:



Here you can see we easily tripled and then doubled a his revenue in just 3-4 months! This is a huge ROI considering he paid me just $2500 to start seeing on average $12-$15 or even $20 THOUSAND dollars per month in online sales.

Here’s another example of a happy client:


You can see I helped him double is online sales revenue and then kept it coming in at a higher rate over the next several months.

“Sara has helped grow traffic and conversions to our site and is well worth her rates in gold! She is great to work with.” – Anon

“Great article, keep up the good work!” Joel Carras – squareify.com

“I don’t know what you did with our social media but we are seeing more favorites and retweets than ever before!” – Anon

“I’m planning many things this year and I want to work with you for sure!” – Frederic Patenaude fredericpatenaude.com and renegadehealth.com

“Sara helped us through a website crash and saved the day by recovering everything we had worked so hard on.” – Anon

“Thank you you’re the best!” – Randy Wohlers – familyhearingaidcenter.com and myhearpod.com

The Difference:

Unlike many other internet marketers I am also going to take a look at your business plan, your long and short-term goals, and re-evaluate your target audience. Armed with that information we can aim your efforts to accurately and efficiently get you more converting traffic.

website findings

  1. Assess and Report: First I will take a look at your website. Analysis will include online presence and reach, conversion pages and efficacy, customer flow/customer service, and under the hood (website structure and consistent practices.)

    This first step takes approximately 1 week, after which I will schedule a meeting and explain my findings.

  2. Strategic Planning: I present a concise and step-by-step plan for maximum use and benefit in all areas.

  3. Implementation: The steps in the plan can only work if you implement them and stay diligent about the tasks it outlines. This can be done by members of your team or I can provide online marketing piecesa web master for you to work with at an hourly rate.

  4. Once the steps in the plan are being executed as laid out, and with our analytics in place we will set a date 2-6 months into the future to re-assess and make any further suggestions.

Do it Now – Or You’re Leaving Money on the Table

If you are ready to see what I can do for your online marketing sign up below to get your free mini assessment. I will take a look at your current online marketing efforts and give you a brief summary of where you are now, and show you the gaps of where you can be 30 days from now. The best part is, it’s free! Have a professional look at your website, get some extremely valuable information and you’ve got nothing to lose!

(I also do smaller website adjustments and re-builds. I do it all!)

You will also receive my Internet Marketing Assessment Tool that I use with all of my clients.

(Your information will never be sold or otherwise bartered.)

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Sara MurraySara Murray

  • I am a certified Webmaster. A web designer, database administrator, marketing and program integration specialist. All hats, A-Z web business support. google adwords, PPC, social media, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, etc etc… Shopping carts, chat rooms, customer service desks……
  • Over 8 years in business. Happy clients, some that I have had from the start and are still happily making (TONS) of money from the sites I help them manage today!
  • Accessibility. I am available via email and phone during normal business hours. I strive to return emails with in hours, and turn around for new tasks within 24 hours. I am a little obsessed with my business, so I am almost always on some device that you can get in touch with me on!

Fast and reliable. Sara is available by email during regular business hours. Contact me today! saram@freeyouup.com