Are you Chasing Money or Following Your Passion?

So many people have the processed reversed, and they cannot be convinced otherwise:

They want the money first, and then they will follow their dreams.

Dreams and passions are put on hold! WHAT!!?

We are mortal beings and we put our dreams and passions on hold. Seems illogical to me! Life is now people! 🙂

Many people have said things like, “Follow your passion and the money will follow.” So why is that so hard for people to understand!? Belief in your self? Sounds magical or fluffy?

Here’s some hard science in that case:

From Joe Vitale’s book The Attractor Factor

Years ago, Scrully Blotnick conducted a study if 1,500 people. They were put into two categories: Category A said they would pursue money first and do what they really wanted to do later. Over 1,245 people went into that group. Category B, made up of 255 people , said they would seek their interests first, and trust that money would follow later.

What happened?

Twenty years later, there were 101 millionaires form the entire group. Only one came from group A! The remaining 100 millionaires all came from group B, the group that said they would pursue their passions first and let money come later.

Yeay Science! Now you choose!


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